Nourish Health Food Store – a gem of a find!

Nourish Health Food Store Dublin

I’ve been away from Dublin for a long time, 13 and a half years to be exact. Both the city, and myself, have changed drastically since I moved away. I am now an older and (hopefully!) wiser person who understands the benefits of health and fitness, and just how important nutrition is for looking after and healing your body. I am certainly not the same girl that left Dublin in the peak of my partying days! The city itself is definitely not the same place that I grew up in. It has also become more aware of health and wellbeing and there is now an abundance of cafes, shops and restaurants that cater for health conscious people.

One of the best shops I’ve come across since I’ve started spending more time in the city is Nourish Health Food Store. It is a treasure trove for those of us who want to live a healthy, natural life. It has everything you need from wholefoods to skincare, supplements, herbal remedies and even natural cleaning products! They offer a good selection and it doesn’t cost a fortune. I came across their Wicklow Street store a few weeks ago and was really impressed with the selection of products it contained. I now pop in whenever I need some raw ingredients, herbal tea or a healthy snack to eat on the go. The staff are so friendly and helpful, they are happy to answer any questions you might have and offer useful advice. They also have a website where you can order online and have all of their amazing products delivered to your door.

It used to be that the only time I came across a shop like this was when visiting another country. It really makes me smile that they are now a common sight, with Nourish itself having seven stores across the city. It looks like both Dublin and I have grown up and realised that fresh, natural food is the way to go!

Where else would you go for healthy food in Dublin city centre? Do you have a favourite shop, cafe or restaurant? Please leave any recommendations in the comments section below.

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