Tips for beating work-related stress and anxiety.

Tips for beating work-related stress and anxiety

Many of us are suffering with work-related stress and anxiety. It is not a nice place to be. Do you suffer from the following when it comes to work: • Apathy • Negativism/cynicism • Low morale • Boredom • Anxiety • Frustration • Fatigue • Depression • Alienation • Anger/irritability • Physical problems (headaches, stomach problems) • Absenteeism. If so, you could be among the many of us that are stressed out by their jobs.

Tips for beating work-related stress and anxiety

So, what can you do (apart from quit!) Fortunately ,there are a number of things that can help. Here are some strategies that we can use to help reduce our stress and make us feel better.

Reach out to a co-worker. Sometimes the best thing you can do is simply share your stress with someone close to you. The act of venting or talking it out and getting support and sympathy can be a very effective way of calming down and regaining your composure. The other person just needs to be a good listener, they don’t have to offer solutions to your problems.

Move! Try to take a quick break and move away from the stressful situation. Take a walk, preferably outside the workplace. Physical movement and fresh air can help you regain your calm.

Delegate responsibility. You don’t have to do it all yourself. Let go of the desire to control every little step. You’ll be letting go of unnecessary stress in the process.

Laugh! When used appropriately, humour and laughing are a great way to relieve stress in the workplace. Sometimes in certain situations the tension can be relieved by sharing a joke or funny story.

Visualize. Close your eyes and picture a place that feels peaceful and rejuvenating. Or look at a picture or photo that brings you calmness and happiness.

Hopefully these tips will help to lessen the stress. Please share any other tips in the comments section below.

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  1. lung shepherd says: Reply

    Sometimes the solution is simpler than we think. Unfortunately, these suggestions can be hard to implement.

    1. Caoimhe says: Reply

      So true! And they really can work if they are implemented. If only more people knew the benefits of reducing stress for both your health and happiness.

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