Pro2go protein cookie review

pro2go protein cookie

I spotted this pro2go protein cookie in my local supermarket and decided to give it a try. The picture on the wrapper looked good, with white and dark chocolate chips. The macros were decent too. There is 303kcal per cookie with 23g of protein. There’s 30.5g of carbs and just 4g of sugars. There is 9.6g of fat per cookie.

When I opened the wrapper I noticed how massive the cookie was! There was also lots of chocolate chips visible throughout. The cookie was chunky and smelled delicious! I really liked the taste of this pro2go protein cookie. It was sweet but not sickly. There was no funny protein aftertaste that you sometimes get with protein treats. The chocolate chips were big and the chocolate was creamy.

For me, there was nothing to dislike about the pro2go protein cookie. It tasted great. The price point was good. It contained lots of protein and was low in sugar. I would definitely recommend these as an on the go treat. I will certainly be buying them again. I always keep a protein treat or two in my gym bag in case I get stuck and don’t have a chance to eat a full meal. This cookie will be one of my supplies from now on!

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