How to use battle ropes for strength and fitness

How to use battle ropes

Battle ropes are amazing when you’re looking to shake up your cardio routine. They are so different from the usual cardio machines. They work your body in another way than LISS or HIIT. They’re a must-have tool for anyone looking to pack on lean mass. There are many different moves that you can do with battle ropes. It is easy to keep your workout varied and keep your muscles guessing.

How to use battle ropes:

Move the ropes in various ways. Don’t just wave them up and down.  Try going from side to side as it places more emphasis on your hips and core, building total-body stability. By moving the ropes in circles you improve shoulder mobility and range of motion. Switching among different motions in your training sessions will help you sculpt your body and develop functional strength.

Adjust the resistance on the ropes. The amount of slack determines the load. Moving away from the anchor point decreases exercise intensity, while stepping toward the anchor point increases it. Adjust the slack so you’re challenged to complete each set.

Relax! It is important that you relax your body when using the ropes. It’s so easy to tense up and grip the ropes really hard but this leads to exhaustion. If you can grip the ropes lightly and keep the rest of your body loose, you can move faster and go for longer.

Breathing is key. Rope exercises are 100% output, meaning that there is no rest. Beginners tend to hold their breath while using the ropes and this affects their performance. Try and match your movement with your breathing pattern; as speed and intensity increases, your breathing should too.

Battle ropes exercises should engage the whole body. Even though the upper body is doing a lot of the work, you should use your legs, hips and core to generate energy and power into the movements.

There are so many guides out there that include battle ropes exercises. Check out my next post to see an example of some of the exercises that I like to use.

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